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The world is unstable: wars, crises, natural disasters are intensifying. You cannot ensure your safety in one country. Only a nomadic lifestyle will save you. And we will help you with this.

Mr. Alexander Yevsiutin

22 Years

migration, commercial, civil, family, administrative and criminal cases, relocation business, dispute in cours


We provide legal security for you, your family and your business in different countries

Our Practice Areas


Registration, purchase, сreation, relocation and international scaling of business around the world


Purchase and management to verified business and real estate for foreigners with income from 5 to 60%


legal and consulting assistance in the organization of international trade


Legalization of foreigners other countries, second passport, citizenship by investment


Solving the problems of foreigners in the administrative procedure before the trial


Protection of business in national and international courts in all categories of cases


registration marriages between foreigners, suragat motherhood, divorce, child's place of residence

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I lived in the USA, had a good income, but I could not afford to buy a house or even an apartment, I could not have a family and be happy. And finally my dream came true. Yes, it is not accepted to move to Ukraine from the USA. But for me this is just a discovery. This amazing country is beautiful, where you can live at the levels of Europe, but much cheaper and more convenient, buy real estate and do business for such money, for which it is impossible to do it in the USA. And here I am a very respected person, I was able to find my own love. The UIP company has a conveniently located office in the very center of Kiev, every foreigner was there, on Khreshchatyk. The company's lawyers helped me settle here and gave me advice on various issues of organizing my life. I have registered a marriage here and live for my own pleasure.
Shirley Parker
United States

We know the law and the practice of using it

This is a company that really helps to improve life in US. I am very pleased that I was able to move to America, it is much more pleasant for me to live here, and there are great prospects. The lawyers of this company helped me not only to draw up all the documents for permanent residence, but also helped me to organize my own small business here. I am satisfied and recommend.
Volodymyr Ivashko
Our ancestors, free people (Cossacks), were able to migrate and remain independent of empires, cooperating with them. Now we are building our independence in the global world on the basis of a free lifestyle.