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“We are building a company that is designed to create a new way of life for a person – a nomad or an expat, as opposed to a nationally oriented one. Freedom of movement in the near future is the only way to avoid great losses, because our world is changing before our eyes and transforming from capitalist to socialist, with all its dangers to human freedoms. We have gone through the experience of the Soviet Union and the acupation of Donbass, but this is only the beginning, the future of the world will soon change and everyone who does not understand this will be surprised.” 

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Our true goal is to protect people from the lawlessness of government agencies and corporations


We help foreigners buy real estate in other countries and manage this property

Protection from Violence

We protect people from illegal police actions and abuse of power by the state

Family trials

We handle litigation in family matters and international marriages

Marriage/Civil Unions​

We accompany the registration of international marriages

Adoption & Surrogacy​

We help arrange all the documents for the birth process

The Child's place

We protect the interests of parents from the weaning of children from them by nation states or a dispute between parents of foreigners

Child Custody, Adoption And Surrogacy

We have long dreamed of a child, finally we managed to get it through birth in Ukraine with the help of surrogate motherhood

Benjamin Richardson​​

Thanks for this gift

Domestic Violence, Child Abduction

My husband tried to take the child and even put me on the criminal investigation department, but lawyer Alexander Evsutin was able to protect me

Gloria Rose

Now we live peacefully and happily

Marriage, Civil Unions & Divorce

My marriage with a Ukrainian citizen lasted 5 years, but we had to leave. Thanks to the lawyers of this company, who were able to dissolve our marriage through court remotely, I did not even have to fly to Ukraine. This is a miracle.

Walter Palermo

This is a miracle.

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