1. Immigration (residence permit, citizenship of Ukraine, temporary residence permit, work permit in Ukraine)
  2. Legal and finance consulting (creation and support business, licenses and certificates, tax and accounting)
  3. Investment support (support IT, Blockchain, real estete, agricultural, transport, jewelry projects)
  4. Intetnational traide (export and import, search for goods, full design and organization of supply of goods)
  5. Protection of business and citizens (criminal, civil, administrative, business, corporate processes)

The bureau holds leading positions among law firms in the field of supporting immigration processes of citizens and enterprises, legal support of export and import.

In addition, due to the developed infrastructure of offices and representatives of UIP (UNITED INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS), our company provides services to the Ukrainian businesses that want to scale their business in other countries, providing a full range of services in the countries where we are present (USA, UK, UAE, EU, Canada and other).


The specialists working in the complex and each of whom specializes in their own field, focus and constantly improve their skills in specific cases of narrow specialization, combine the irreplaceable qualities of young human rights defenders with the wisdom and long-term experience of older comrades.

Our experts also provide services in the provision of accounting and tax accounting, support for investments in real estate, carry out related services: escorting foreigners to study at universities, business individual tours to Ukraine and the countries of the former Soviet Union, to Pakistan and the countries of South Asia, to Zambia and African countries, Mexico and Latin American countries.


  • The Department of international investment
  • The Department of international trade
  • The Department migration consulting
  • The Department international study
  • The Department of legal and accounting


  • The Department of business law
  • The Department of civil law
  • The Department of criminal law
  • The Department of administrative law